Contruction Tremblant company

We see the value of a solid community. It’s a philosophy that runs deep in the genetic code of everyone on the Construction Tremblant team. And its source is president, Eric Lefebvre.

A Mont-Tremblant pioneer who has long been generous with his time and energy as a dedicated advisor to the town, Eric is respected for his vision for the region’s prosperity and his commitment to making that vision a reality. His belief in community is both inspiring and infectious, enabling Eric to gather a team of individuals who share his ideals and actively participate in the community.

Volunteering for the Ironman competitions, serving breakfast to school children, working with seniors or giving back to the community through local politics, Construction Tremblant people get involved, which explains their very real sense of ownership and pride in the community they have helped create.

At Construction Tremblant company, we know our homes are good investments, because we build more than great homes. We are building a prosperous community.